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Champions Park – More Location Scouting

Saturday Night.

Golden Hour.

Location scouting with the boys.

I have a few family photo sessions coming up at Champion Park on the Brushy Creek Trail in Cedar Park so we went exploring there once again. There was running and stick collecting and climbing (the usual). I had a hard time narrowing down what to share – so it’s a larger than usual lightbox of images. Let’s all go play in the light!

Champion Park – Location Scouting

Champion Park is between Brushy Creek Lake Park and Olson Meadows Park on the Brushy Creek Regional Trail in Cedar Park, Texas. We took the boys to scout it out – there were wildflowers to see, bridges to run over, and then we went back to the playground to climb on dinosaur bones and dig in the sand. It took a rain shower to send us away.

If it stays this green and lush, it’ll make a great setting for Fall Family Photo Sessions.

Your Family Here – Booking Fall Photo Sessions


Now booking September/October/November 2016 dates. Email me at if you want to book a date. See you in the leaves!

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Max & Miles – Shaving Cream Art

  1. Skipped putting out paper for the shaving cream painting because I knew my children have their own favorite canvas (legs, belly, head, etc.)
  2. It was Ted’s (excellent) idea for the mohawks
  3. Garden hose baths once again
  4. Next time I’ll buy more than one can of shaving cream (and put them in goggles)
  5. Can be educational since Max (briefly) practiced writing some words on his cooking tray
  6. Half-way through I put down the camera so I could get in on the action (not captured)