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Session Details


1) How much will it cost?info here

2) How long does a session last? Where will the photo shoot take place? – Sessions typically last about an hour. I have a list of spots I like around town – a mix of natural and urban settings. Once we talk about what type of feel you want for your images, I can send you some samples for suggestions. You can also check my past blog posts tagged with location information. 

3) When are you available to take our pictures? – I book most sessions 1-2 months out – Spring and Fall are my busy seasons in Austin. But just send me an email at stephanie (at) stephaniefriedman (dot) com to ask about availability. The best light comes at sunrise or 1-2 hours before sunset. So think about what time of day works best with your family’s sleep schedule.

*For Maternity Sessions – plan for your session to happen around 8 months

*Newborn – first 7-10 days are best for a sleepy baby

4) What should we wear? Depends – will we be hiking along trails or walking around downtown? I’ll contact you by email/phone after you book. But in general, think: comfortable but flattering. For kids – no large logos; we want the focus on their expressive faces. Are you drawn to bright colors or are you happiest in neutrals? Don’t forget about accessories! (hats, jewelry, suspenders, scarves) They add an extra pop, make it easy to coordinate colors and can be added or removed to switch up what you’re wearing. For family shoots, think about how your outfits blend (pick 2-3 colors to share). Check here for inspiration. Feel free to bring a few choices to your shoot – we will have time for 1-2 outfits. And for little kiddos — always pack backups.

5) What should we bring? How about props? Bring snacks/water to have on hand. Extra clothes for changing. For props -if your child has a favorite toy, bring it along. Think about what your family enjoys (bunch of bookworms? Let’s grab some hardbacks. Sports fans? Load up the soccer ball). We can discuss this in more detail during your personal consultation pre-shoot.

Once you’ve booked a session

1) I’ll send you a confirmation email.

2) I’ll email you my client questionnaire due back before your session date.

3) You’ll get ready to relax and have fun the day of the shoot.


Kids are unpredictable – and I like to go with the flow. Leave all the hard work up to me – just relax & enjoy spending time with your loved ones. I’ll give plenty of directions and have games for us to the play if the little ones want to run off and explore. I’m there to capture the moments that make you all the family you are.

You may be asked to play chase, twirl in a circle, toss your youngest into the air or participate in a hug attack. And if you have ideas of images you want, please let me know.


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