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Red Bud Isle – Location Information

Last time I was at Red Bud Isle was for Allie and John’s engagement photos with their sweet dog, Marley. I wanted to see how the Mexican plum and Redbud trees were doing this Spring. We went out Sunday morning, and like last time, the biggest issue was parking. There are only a few spots to be had in the lot (and with dog training lessons going on that morning as well) – zero spots were open. Ted and Miles ended up dropping off Max and me for some brief exploring.

If you did want a family portrait session here (highly recommended in Springtime if you also want to include your family dog(s), you’d either have to have the best parking karma ever, be dropped off or park over a mile away and hoof it back. Not the best scenario if you want to look your sparkling best for family photos.

I need to investigate if weekday mornings or evenings are less crowded as an option. Though if any of your kiddos are at all afraid of dogs, it’s a mostly off-leash park.

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