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Max & Miles at Mayfield Park – plus bonus Halloween

We went to Mayfield Park last weekend to check out their trails. I know the Park charges a fee if you want to do a professional photo session there, but I don’t believe that includes the trails (just the Cottage Gardens). And the trails themselves have lots of great photogenic spots, especially for a small group – since the wildflowers are taking over the path in several places. Though you may find yourself, like I did, having to climb up a tree after a little one goes a bit too high on their own. We sighted 6 of their 18 peacocks when we did head over to the Cottage Gardens. And the Park Ranger was so thoughtful and let Max feed the koi fish in the pond, to everyone’s delight.

And Happy (early) Halloween! Here’s 10 month old Miles as the Itsy Bitsy Spider.

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