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Carsyn & Friends

The goal – photograph various combinations of 11 people (which included two babies, one toddler, one getting-over-a-cold-so-I-can’t-get-too-close Grandpa and one very sweet (but deaf) dog.

It was the “Carsyn & Friends” show! Chaos, lots of laugher and lots more outfit changes. Thank you to Heather, Sam, Carsyn, John, Angela, Kate, Kim, Chuck, Kira, Suzanne and Steve for letting me capture those moments. And full disclosure – with over 900 photos taken, there were lots of fun outtakes with this bunch.

Outtakes such as the levitating Christmas wreath or all the kids making a dash for the decorations or Kate making a grab for Carsyn’s bow.

Please enjoy this sneak peek. To see all the photos and purchase prints from their session: click here

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Calgary Photographer - Judging by the big smiles and outright laughter in these shots it’s sounds like your session was successful. Those twins look absolutely delicious and I love the shot with the toddler in the “starry necklace”.

Heather - This was an amazing morning. Stephanie brings pure talent, energy, fun and professionalism to her shoots!
Thank you for capturing the beauty of our day!

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