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  • Hello, there! Thank you for visiting. I'm a photographer based out of Austin, Texas. I'm available for any type of portrait session: maternity, newborn, child, senior, family, or pet. Please take a look around to get an idea of my work. I'm here to capture your story. It's your life, up-close.

Carsyn – Bluebonnet Portrait Session

It was a cold and misty morning. Rather than waiting out the sun (and not sure how much longer the blue blooms would last) -we headed to Balcones District Park and their large patch of flowers this past weekend. Carsyn was a great sport! She told me all about her new hamster, Abbey – and her favorite movies – and just smiled and smiled.

Please enjoy this sneak peek of her bluebonnet portrait session. To see all the photos and purchase prints from her session: click HERE.

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Jasmine - The little one has beautiful eyes. I wish I had fields like the one in your photo where I live. It adds a lot of texture and dimension to your images. Jasmine Photography

Max & Miles – Neighborhood Bluebonnets

There’s a tiny patch of bluebonnets in an empty lot down our street. We walked over last night to check it out. The boys had little interest in the bluebonnets themselves – only by asking them to count them was I able to get a few pics. Instead, Max wanted to build a “campfire” with all the branches around. And Miles liked the pink wildflowers better.

Truman – Spring Portrait Session

What a great kid! It’s been a treat watching Truman grow up – photographing him nearly every Spring. And this year was no different. Minecraft, new puppy and upcoming birthday plans – all topics of conversation that made for easy smiles again and again.

Please enjoy this sneak peek of his portrait session. To see all the photos and purchase prints from his session (password protected): click HERE .

===== stephanie friedman. austin family photography. your life. close-up =====

Max and Miles – Butler Park

We took the boys to Butler Park this morning to run around. And run they did: up the hill, down the hill, tag, duck/duck/goose. I was able to slow them down a few times to get some portraits. At the end, Max lay down in the path and declared himself too exhausted to walk to the car. So…success.

Gwparker - Love the B&W of the boy getting ready to do what appears to be a handstand! :)